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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Car Theft

Our cars are an extension of ourselves. We spend countless hours making sure they look their best and spend money to accessorize them with the latest gadgets. But just as with anything else of value, cars are prime targets for thieves. As a trusted home, business, and...

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Start Off 2018 With an Insurance Checkup

The new year is the perfect time to review what's happened over the last 365 days – and to look forward to what's to come. It's also a good time to take stock of your financial health, including your insurance coverage. As your local business, home, and car insurance...

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4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Break-Ins

The holidays are a time for giving gifts, but for thieves and burglars it's a time of stealing gifts. Break-ins and thefts increase during the holiday season, leaving many families heartbroken during a time when they should be experiencing joy. If you're looking to...

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What Is Uninsured & Underinsured Coverage?

Being hit by a driver is bad enough, but it's made even worse if the driver who hit you is uninsured or underinsured. But what exactly do these two insurance terms mean? As your local auto insurance agency in the Columbia, SC area, Batesburg Insurance Agency wants you...

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How Do You Buy Business Insurance?

If you're a business owner, it's vital that you're prepared to handle a wide variety of situations or events. Making sure you have adequate business insurance is a large part of this security. The right policy can save you in the event of a major emergency. But how do...

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6 Common Homeowners Insurance Terms

Having the right homeowners insurance is an important part of your overall financial plan. At Batesburg Insurance Agency, we want to make this process easy and stress-free. Part of that means explaining some of the terms that are commonly used in a home insurance...

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5 Types of South Carolina Auto Insurance

Now that you know what types of auto insurance are required in South Carolina, it's time to talk about some of the various types of auto insurance. Today, Batesburg Insurance Agency would like to tell you about the different types of auto insurance in South Carolina....

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3 Tips to Avoid Auto Insurance Scams

When you're in your car – whether you're alone or with your family – you want to know you're protected in case of an accident. There's no scarier feeling than getting into a wreck, unless it's finding out that someone planned the entire thing! It's a heartbreaking...

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5 Types of Business Insurance You May Need

When you own a business, you need to be prepared for a wide variety of situations. That's why business insurance is so critical for companies in the Columbia, West Columbia, and Lexington, SC area. These policies can help you handle everything from emergency health...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Home Insurance

Searching, buying, closing the deal on a new home – being a brand new homeowner is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life! However, when it comes to buying home insurance it can be a bit nerve racking when you are a beginner! But don’t worry, we here at Batesburg Insurance Agency have got your back by putting together a quick and easy guide for what you’ll need to know when it comes to buying home insurance.

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