The holidays are a time for giving gifts, but for thieves and burglars it’s a time of stealing gifts. Break-ins and thefts increase during the holiday season, leaving many families heartbroken during a time when they should be experiencing joy. If you’re looking to avoid break-ins this season, the homeowners insurance team at Batesburg Insurance Agency recommends following these tips to protect your home in Columbia, Lexington, and Saluda, SC:

  1. Hide shopping bags and gifts – Hide all your shopping bags in hard-to-see areas of your home. These catch the attention of thieves so make it as difficult as possible for someone to see what you’ve recently purchased. If you put gifts under the tree, make sure your curtains and blinds are closed whenever you aren’t home.
  2. Lock all entryways – Make sure you shut and lock every door, window, and other entry points into your home. If you leave things unlocked, you’re basically inviting a robber into your home.
  3. Keep lights on – Homes that are empty (or look empty) are easy targets for break-ins. Even when you aren’t home, leave on some lights to make it look like people are inside the house. Also ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers if you’re going out of town.
  4. Update your homeowners insurance – You need to have a bubble of protection if the unthinkable happens. Having an up-to-date homeowners insurance policy offers you a safety net and a sense of security should a break-in happen at your home. You can’t control another person’s behavior, but being prepared will give you the comfort of knowing you’ve done all you can do.

Keep your holidays happy this year by making sure you have adequate homeowners insurance. We can help. Batesburg Insurance Agency insures property in Columbia and the surrounding areas of the South Carolina Midlands. Our independent insurance agents will give you a homeowners insurance review and will help you find the best coverage for your car and home insurance needs. Please download our quote request form to start the process.