Our cars are an extension of ourselves. We spend countless hours making sure they look their best and spend money to accessorize them with the latest gadgets. But just as with anything else of value, cars are prime targets for thieves. As a trusted home, business, and car insurance agency, Batesburg Insurance Agency recommends taking the following actions to protect your car from theft if you live in Saluda, West Columbia, or Lexington, SC:

  1. Always lock your car – It’s the simplest advice but it’s the best. Always lock your car. Locked cars are tougher for thieves to break into. In many cases, a locked door will deter a thief from breaking into – or stealing – your vehicle.
  2. Choose parking spots wisely – Thieves use dark or distant areas of a parking lot to their advantage since it’s harder for anyone to spot them as they drive off with your car. Park under a light so your car can be easily seen. Also try to park as close to the front of the building as you can. Most buildings have cameras that record areas close to the building. This might catch a thief if they do steal your car.
  3. Get an auto insurance policy – As the saying goes, the best offense is a good defense. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to auto insurance polices. An auto policy will help you cover expenses if your car is stolen or if items are stolen from your vehicle. Always talk to a South Carolina insurance agency to make sure you have proper protection against car theft.

Did you know that South Carolina’s car theft rate is above the national average? That’s why a good auto insurance policy is so important. Talk to the independent insurance agents at Batesburg Insurance Agency today. Our car insurance agency provides coverage for Lexington, West Columbia, Saluda, and surrounding areas of the South Carolina Midlands.