Winter is a wonderful time of the year. Holiday celebrations and time off from work and school mean that lots of people are out and about catching up on various errands. But so are car thieves and burglars. As your local auto insurance agency, our agents want to help you protect your car and belongings so your new year doesn’t get off to a bad start. Here are some tips from Batesburg Insurance Agency for protecting yourself and your vehicle.

  1. Park smartly – Park your vehicle in spaces as close as possible to your home or the building you’re visiting. If it’s nighttime, make sure to park under a light. Take note of nearby landmarks so you can quickly find your vehicle. Don’t unlock the door until you are at your car.
  2. Lock your car – Speaking of locking your car, always leave it locked whenever you step away from it. Stay near your car as you lock it so thieves can’t strike while you’re walking away. Be sure to double-check that it’s locked, too.
  3. Stash the shopping bags – If you’ve been shopping, be sure to quickly hide all your purchases. Put them in your trunk or under a cover.
  4. Hide electronics – Don’t leave cell phones, tablets, or other devices in your vehicle. Even leaving a charger plugged in your console is a hazard.
  5. Relocate – If you’re done shopping at one store, move your car to another spot so you can finish shopping in the complex. Car thieves will always watch out for stationary vehicles.
  6. Be attentive – Be alert as you walk to and from your car. Walk confidently and don’t use your phone. Have your keys in hand and lock the door behind you as soon as you get inside.
  7. Warm up the car with caution – If you warm up your car in the mornings, be sure to keep an eye on it. This is one of the easiest ways for a car to get stolen.

When it comes to protecting your car, make sure you’ve got a reliable auto insurance policy – just in case the unthinkable happens. Contact Batesburg Insurance Agency to learn about coverage options for your vehicle.